Royal Caribbean – Alcoholic Beverage Packages

Royal Caribbean ship operating out of Australian ports currently have x3 Alcoholic Beverage Packages on offer:

  • Select Package (USD $40 per person per day)
  • Premium Package (USD $55 per person per day)
  • Ultimate Package (USD $65 per person per day)

Leading travel agents such as the team at CruiseAgency advise that beverage packages offer a convenient method to pre-pay for your beverages during your cruise holiday – thus eliminating the hassle of keeping tabs on your beverage expenditure.

Also, depending on how much you actually intend to drink whilst on your cruise, they can be a real cost-saving alternative to buying drinks individually as required.

Select Package:

  • Beer
  • Wines by the glass (up to US$9 value)
  • Fountain soda with Coca Cola┬« souvenir cup
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails

Premium Package:

  • Call, and premium cocktails (up to US$12 value)
  • Frozen cocktails
  • Beer
  • Premium wines by the glass (up to US$14 value)
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Bottled water still (500ml)
  • Fountain soda with Coca Cola┬« souvenir cup

Ultimate Package:

  • Virtually unlimited options.
  • A combination of all the benefits from Premium and Royal Replenish (non-alcoholic) packages.

If in doubt which one of these Royal Caribbean beverage packages is right for you on your next cruise from Sydney, speak with your travel agent. They will be able to provide practical advise and further information about these packages which may help you make an informed decision.

And as always, please do remember to drink responsibly.

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