Barossa Valley wine region

barossa valley wine region

In some parts of Australia, wine is not just a beverage; it is a way of life. The best place to find such attitude towards wine is in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. It is one of the many tourist destinations in South Australia that specializes in wine, and to most citizens in this region, it is where they get their livelihood.

The Barossa Valley has approximately 13, 265 hectares of land dedicated solely to the creation of vineyards. It is an essential component in the creation of wine, and it had different variations. Included in these are Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Riesling, and Semillion. Such variety can be attributed to the two kinds of soil that is present in their land – brown, loamy sandy to clay loam and sandy light-brownish gray to dark gray brown soils. However, studies are still being continued to identify other kinds of soil available in the region.

The region of Barossa Valley is also home to the oldest techniques in relation to the production of wine. As proof, they were able to create a classification system regarding the vines. These classifications included: Barossa Old Vine, Barossa Survivor Vine, Barossa Centenarian Vine, and Barossa Ancestor Vine.

The Old Vine was at least 35 years old. These are the ones which presently produces the best wines. This can be linked to a root and trunk structure which promoted a diversification of flavors. The flavors it produces are distinct only at Barossa.

The Survivor vines on the other hand had lived for at least 70 years. It is the testament of the Barossa Valley’s culture and commitment to the production of wines.

The resiliency of Barossa’s wine industry can be felt through their Centenarian Vine. These are vines that are at least 100 years old. These are the ones that survived dry farming, and low phylloxera levels. The latter allows the vines to grow thick and gnarly, which is its natural structure.

The Ancestor vines on the other hand are the earliest among all vines in the Barossa Valley. They are living proof of British settling, and these are the ones which were accustomed to dry farming. As a result, it produced low amount of wine yet the flavor are the richest.

The Barossa Valley offers the oldest in wine culture present in Australia. That is why if you are interested in learning and feeling the history of wine culture in Australia, you know where to find it.

23 Sep 2013

Yarra Valley wine region

yarra valley wine region

In some regions of Australia, wine making has become a culture. It has become integral that aside from the basic wineries and wine tasting that you may do in each winery, they also hold events in relation to the wines that they produce. This has been made possible in the region of the Yarra Valley.

The Yarra Valley is one of the largest wine producers in Australia. In fact, they are internationally renowned to produce one of the best classic kinds of wine. This can be attributed to the varied terrain which allows it to accommodate different kinds of vines. As a result, they have made it part of their culture and a stamp of identity.

Just like in any other culture, once a certain industry has been connected to your region or country, you make celebrations out of it. This is a way to signal the world that this is what you will be known for and a way to impress foreigners by attracting them to your celebrations. The Yarra Valley created events distinct to their region.

One of these events is the Twilight Cellar Door. This happens during summer. You will see eight Yarra Valley Cellar Doors open itself to the public until dusk. This will only happen during Fridays and Saturdays. This gives visitors to the region a chance to enjoy beautifully made wine with local delicacies made specifically in the region of the Yarra Valley.

The Shortest Lunch on the other hand is a way for the Yarra Valley to provide their guests the best wines that the region has to offer in one lunch. It allows tourists and different individuals to enjoy all the wine that the region has to offer without the hassle of going from one winery to another. This is also in celebration of the shortest weekend in the continent due to the Winter Solstice.

The Gumboot Season on the other hand is a time to go around every winery and just enjoy a day strolling around these places. If you are not fond of going out, you can always stay inside the winery and talk to the owner in front of the fireplace. Overall, it is a time for you to feel comfortable and enjoy the moment.

The Yarra Valley has a lot in store for both guests and wine entrepreneurs. There is not other place to celebrate about wine than in the Yarra Valley.

15 Aug 2013

Hunter Valley wine region

hunter valley wine region

Wine has always been associated to the exquisite and high class, and its production is nothing less. Finding the top quality wines within the locality is very difficult, but not in Australia. It has multitudes of regions where wine is being produced. One of them is the Hunter Valley, also known as the Hunter Region. It is located in New South Wales.

The Hunter Valley can be considered as one of the more popular wine growers in Australia, and this includes being a tourist spot. This can be attributed to its proximity to Sydney, the capital of the continent.

As wine growers, the Hunter Valley is known for three kinds of wines: the Semillion, the Chardonnay, and the Shiraz.

The Semillion is a dry kind of white wine. Initially, it will have a taste of lemon and grass. However, it is advised that the Semillion be left to mature in order to get a complex taste with a touch of toasty vanilla and honey. Therefore, it will appeal best to those who has an impeccable sweet tooth.

The Chardonnay on the other hand, did not originate in the Hunter Valley. It was only introduced to them, but nonetheless, it has been in production in the region since its introduction. Each Chardonnay being sold in Australia is a different variety. There are some with an oaky flavor while other are peaches and cream. The latter is being produced more in the Hunter Valley as it is native in the region.

The Shiraz is different from the first two as it is red in color. It has been incorporated with various spices producing a soft texture. It has been the favorite kind of wine among the locals.

Overall, there are at least 150 wineries and cellar doors present in the Hunter Valley, though this is not only what they are known for. The region is also famous for their gourmet delicacies which go perfectly with their wine. That is why whenever you are in Australia with the craving for a gourmet meal with the most exquisite wine, then, you should go to the Hunter Valley where you will have the wine tasting tour that your palate will surely enjoy.

05 Jul 2013

The Australian Wine Industry and Life Insurance

income protection

For those persons employed within the wine industry in Australia, there is no difference when it comes to the need to prudently plan for your future. There is the immediate future, the medium future and the longer term future to consider. For the immediate future one must consider if you will have enough money to get by over the next few weeks, months and upcoming year. For the longer term future, you may want to consider your financial position for the 5-10 year range. The longer term financial future involves thinking about having your finances in place for your retirement right through to the end of your life.

When thinking about this stage in our lives, this is where life insurance starts to play a more central role. But thinking about this type of financial product is not something that typically excites many of us. In most cases this is in part due to the fact that selecting an appropriate life insurance policy is usually not an easy process for most Australians who choose this type of insurance product.

One of the main reasons is because a life insurance policy can be a significant investment over the course of your life. But with most things of significant size, the long term rewards / or pay-out down the track can be equally as significant. With such a significant financial investment at hand then, it pays to make sure that you are getting good value for money when taking out such a policy. As a minimum, it makes prudent financial sense to shop around to try and ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. This may involve obtaining multiple life insurance quotes from a range of reputable insurers. Or it may be as simple and straight-forward as speaking with your accountant or financial adviser to receive impartial and informed advice as to a suitable life insurance product.

So whilst working in the Australian wine industry might seem like the best possible life right now, be sure not to forget about the future. Ensure that you are financially prepared for what lays ahead, and put you mind at ease with a financial plan to get you to that point.


18 May 2013

The Wine Industry and Funeral Insurance

funeral insurance Australia

The wine industry within Australia is one of those industries that attracts workers at a typically early age within their working career. The working knowledge that people in this industry acquire continues to grow throughout their lifetime. In fact many of the best and most regarded persons working within the Australian wine industry are those that have been in the industry all their lives and have built up a wealth of practical working knowledge over the years. The knowledge of this older generation becomes a very valuable and sought-after asset.

But despite this, older persons working within this industry will still need to think about their financial future and security just like any other employee from any other employment sector.

One of the most important considerations will be the question of will I have enough money for my funeral when the time comes? Have an appropriate funeral insurance policy can help with this dilemma.

A funeral insurance policy can help on many fronts. One of the most obvious benefits of this type of insurance policy is with regards to the ability to alleviate financial stress and strain from your loved ones that are left behind after your death. This will be an important factor when you think of what an already traumatic and emotional period that will be in their lives – having an adequate funeral insurance policy in place will help to ensure that this is one less thing that your loved ones will need to think about.

If you are thinking about taking out this type of insurance policy, then there are a few simple yet important points that you should consider as a minimum. The first is to check around and get some quotes from reputable funeral insurance providers. There are plenty of websites around that can help you getting funeral insurance quotes such as The other thing that you should do is to obtain some form of independent financial advice from a trusted trained financial professional.

With your insurances in place, you can rest assured that your financial future is in good hands, and you’re then free to concentrate on your retirement years within the Australian wine industry.

19 Feb 2013

Wine Merchants and the importance of Income Protection Insurance

income protection

Australian insurers offer a wide-range of options for individuals that need income protection insurance. With all of these options, it makes for a type of coverage that can be easily made to suit the needs of the individual. Having all of these options and a variety of insurers to choose from will also make it important for the consumer to shop around.

Getting multiple quotes and weighing the pros and cons of the different policies will help to ensure that you get the right policy for you.

A great way to comparison shop for INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE quotes is to shop for quotes online. Consumers will find that there are websites that can get them a list of free income protection insurance quotes from Australia’s top insurers. At theses sites, the individual can fill out an online form and get all of their quotes in a few easy steps.

This will save the consumer time and provide them with the quotes that they need for comparison shopping.

08 Feb 2013